Misguided Apprentice (Empty Installable Saber)

    Misguided Apprentice (Empty Installable Saber)


      A Shadowfoil Original!

      Estimated Shipping: End of May

      Some apprentices are patient and understanding. But not this one...

      Her Visionary Master was patient and calculating, but his apprentice never seemed to quite grasp the big picture. Nonetheless, she's a powerful adversary, and this awesome hilt embodies her determination. 

      A beautifully deadly combination in aluminum with white powder coated grips, this saber has a particularly balanced feel in the hand. A very slight re-issue of the Shadowfoil/Korbanth Dark Obsession.

      The installed version of our saber included an SLS-printed nylon chassis (designed, printed, and finished all in-house in our USA location) in Proffie 2.2 or 3.9 flavors (for now... stay tuned with Shadowfoil's socials for more exciting soundboard options coming soon!).